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Divorce stories on social media

I want to write a little short today and try to understand why people nowadays tell their divorce stories to a friend’s wife or husband or on social media channels.

NO ONE wants such hell in a separation, no one wants to go through a horrible divorce, everyone knows about it. But when it does happen, you are not the only one in the whole world.

So why should one tell divorce stories on social media for !? You are ”part of that stories” – do not forget that there are always two sides to the story and what do you gain from it when many people know about your life? What do you want your ”viewer” to do?

You’re actually telling people about your ”children’s Father or Mother”. Is it so hard to show some respect to their parent (She / he will always be their mom / dad, no one can change that).

Show some respect to the person you once fell in love with so deeply!

Move on!
Create new life, create jobs, establish yourself and do not hang on to anyone all the time. Stepping your feet on the ground and saying ”I’m fixing this”. In the end, everyone wins !!!