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Sushi and Sake (rice wine) in Norrland

Today I want to bring out and tell a little story about a place here in Sundsvall that offers traditional and fusion sushi plus they serve alcohol !? How did it happen in the small town.

It was in 2017 that a Sushi Bar was opened & it was actually the sixth sushi bar in Sundsvall. Many were skeptical and thought that this place will not survive in the long run. Someone heard and told that they only earned SEK 850 all day from opening to closing.

So it was super sluggish from the beginning but then came the summer. Everyone sat outside and ate as the sun warmed the body and soul. They applied for an alcohol permit & outdoor seating area just a few steps from Oleary’s outdoor seating.

The sushi place had a lot more to offer than other sushi places. People started buying Japanese drinks in conjunction with food. The room was adapted for their disabled guests, plus they had so many varieties of Sushi rolls that were topped / filled with different tastes, Sushi tray for the weekend, Driving out, Take Away, Catering and more.

Today they have opened a new place in Sandviken and several ICA stores in Sundsvall have now collaborated with that sushi place to buy sushi boxes and sell again to their customers. If you are a tourist in Sundsvall, do not miss to try their Japanese drinks: rice wine (Sake), Asahi beer, Kirin ichiban beer, Sapporo beer, Sushi, Tempura Maki, Philadelphia Maki – Flying mango Maki – Fried maki rolls, etc. Watch this two minute long video below.

Have a nice Saturday dear readers ❤